Minister Rai says suppression perils democracy

Published on Nov 21 2008 // Main News

Nepalguj (Nepal), November 22: Minister for Information and Communication Nanda Lal Rai said democracy will be in peril where the government and the rulers suppress the people.

A one-time army general involved in rampant torture and suppression of southern Bhutanese while demanding democracy and human rights, Rai said suppression would invite conflict and dissidence in the country.

Talking to Nepalese journalists in Nepal’s western town Nepalgunj as he reaches there Thursday on his tour to study the feasibility of airports in mountainous areas, Rai said it the people who have right to run the state.

He said people of Nepal have not yet been able to bear the fruits of democracy. Rai was on a mission to suppress the voices for democracy from southern districts in 1990 when Nepal regained to its democratic franchise.

Rai suggested Nepal for formation of local bodies. Bhutan still does not have such bodies and elections for them are slated for this year end.

Rai on Friday visited the Jumla airport and scheduled to study other more in those hilly regions to gain knowledge for construction of airports in Bhutan. Bhutan has mulled for around five airports around the country. Bhutan News Service