Labour woman died in hospital, victim claims medical negligence

Published on Apr 29 2009 // Main News

 Beldangi-II, April 29:  Chali Maya Mishra, 28, of Beldangi-II camp, sector F/2, Hut number 92, died of repeated operations first at Damak-based hospital of Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA) Nepal followed by another operation at BP Koirala Memorial Hospital, Dharan.

The Project Director for Primary Heath Care for Bhutanese Refugees, Dr.Nirmal Rimal confirmed the death of Mishra at Dharan on April 27, a week after she was operated in AMDA-Hospital at Kharkhare.

According to her husband Khagendra, Chali Maya was admitted in AMDA-Hospital on April 21, and was rushed to Dharan the next day for another operation when she complained of continuous bleeding even hours after the operation.

According to the family source, Dr. Kishore Singh Shrestha was involved in the surgical operation.

The infant is medically healthy, said doctors at AMDA-Nepal.

Overview of AMDA Project in camp

·  Started from January 2001 as an implementing partner of UNHCR.

·  Responsible to mange and deliver the health and nutrition services to Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal.

·  Services of PHCP are delivered from 7 PHCs in Seven refugee camps.

·  Mechi Zonal Hospital, Bhadrapur & AMDA Hospital, Damak are being used as its primary referral centers.

·  Drugs and other necessary treatments are provided free of cost to all the needy refugee patients.

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“I was told by doctors at Dharan that my wife had little chance of survival”, lamented Khagendra adding, “The doctors suspected gross negligence in AMDA-Hospital.”

The fact is not confirmed, said Dr. Rimal. “We have formed an investigation team for the case.”

 A five-member-team of medical experts has been formed today that comprises Dr. Rajendra Shrestha, Dr. Shyam Budathoki and Bishnu Mainali from AMDA Birtamod, and Dr. Bhampa Rai and Dr. Beda Nidhi Khatiwada from the Bhutanese community.

According to Kamal Niraula, Sector-D sector head and medical volunteer at Camp Management Committee of Beldangi-II camp, Padma Lal Mishra, the committee was announced in presence of Camp Supervisor from Refugee Coordination Unit of Beldangi-II Deepak Bahadur Niraula, Basanta Thapa from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR), Camp Secretary of Beldangi-II camp Naradmani Sanyashi, Armed Police Force Inspector Mahesh Bista and the officials from AMDA-Nepal. 

We are very serious on this case since a young lady has lost her life, said Dr. Rimal. “We will investigate the case very seriously and find out what has gone wrong.”

“Chali Maya received regular follow-ups from our team, six times during her pregnancy,” Dr. Rimal told Bhutan News Service.

28-year-old Khagendra, who is just left with the baby, has appealed to the concerned authority including the UNHCR to independently probe into the matter and compensate for the loss.