King interferes into politics again (Nation)

Published on Dec 12 2008 // Main News

Thimphu, December 12: Despite the announcement that kings will now have no role in national politics and administration, cozying up for a ceremonial role, King Jigme Khesar has return to hold grip on national politics.

In a recent decree issued, he asked the Election Commission and its chief to extend the tenure of the Gups or the block headman, until legal provisions are read to hold elections for those positions.

Government mulled over holding early elections for gup as their three-year term ends shortly against which the National Council members approached the king to take lead in interfering the government decision.

King told the CEC to halt the gup elections until it completes the delimitation process and finalizes relevant acts under which the elections are to be held.

King said this step would best serve the interest of the people, nation and democracy.

King said the recently announced Gup elections to be held as per acts that have been repealed and which in fundamental ways are contrary to the provisions of the Constitution, will not draw any legitimacy even as an interim measure. Bhutan News Service