King appreciates army role in serving the nation

Published on Apr 27 2009 // Main News

Thimphu, April 27, 2009: King Jigme Khesar said armed forces in the country have served the nation at all times in our history. 

King JIgme Khesar

King JIgme Khesar

Gracing the raising day of the Royal Bhutan Army (RBA), Royal Bhutan Police and Royal Body Guard at the Tencholing Military Training Centre in Wangduephodrang, King Khesar said, “In times of peace, there have been threats to the lives and property of our people from floods, fires and other natural disasters.” 

He added, “In such circumstances the people have looked to the army and the armed forces have served the people. When there were threats to nation’s security and sovereignty – for example in 2003 when we faced the greatest threat in our history – His Majesty the fourth Druk Gyalpo led our armed forces and defended our very sovereignty.”

He further said, “Most people are not aware but even on a daily basis, as we speak our soldiers and officers are patrolling the most difficult parts of the country to ensure that there is no danger to our people and country.”

“All I can say is that as the world changes we will never know what difficulties we may encounter. We must at all times be strong and able soldiers physically and ready in our hearts and minds to defend our country and people with our lives. In doing our duty there is no room in our armed forces today and at any time, for weak officers and soldiers and for those who neglect their duties. There can be no indiscipline and complacency,” the king said.

King Khesar was accompanied by Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck and Princess Ashi Dechen Yangzom Wangchuck to the function, where he received the guard of honor from RBG, RBA and RBP.