Kalimpong and Duars belong to Bhutan

Published on Oct 17 2008 // Main News

Phuentsholing, October 18: A leader of Gorkhaland in Darjeeling said the Kalimpong and Duars in north-east states of India rightfully belongs to Bhutan, for which Bhutan was receiving compensation.

According to Indian daily Statesman, GJMM chief Bimal Gurung said Kalimpong and Duars rightfully belonged to Bhutan for which the Indian government was still paying an annual remuneration.

“The government is trying to permanently acquire these lands by paying a lump-sum amount to Bhutan. Such conspiracies won't work. We would vehemently oppose and counter such moves with facts and documents”, he said.

Bhutan had been receiving compensation of these lands, which it lost during the war between Bhutan and British India in 1864-65. The war was led by Jigme Namgyal, father of Bhutan’s first king.

Kalimpong had been the center of administration for southern Bhutan until Prime Minster Palden Dorji was killed in 1964. However, Bhutan has never laid claims over these areas since their merger into India. Bhutan News Service