It is now gups demanding additional salary

Published on Apr 17 2009 // Main News

Thimphu, April 17, 2009: After government employees, now it is turn for the local leaders like Gups, Mangmis and Tshogpas to demand salary increase, which is likely to add burden to the government.

The gups from across the country raised the issue with Ministry of Finance while discussing the budgetary issues in Thimphu. The government had recently increased the salary of the government employees by up to 60 percent, that even did not satisfy corporate sector. The corporate workers have been assured of additional 15 percent to their increased salary.

Not only salary, the gups also demanded for increase in allowances and other facilities. The government currently allocated Nu 50,000 per year for them as travel allowance. Filed visit expenses are not paid by the government. They further said salary they are receiving now is not sufficient considering the increase in their workload and responsibilities.

In addition to that, the Gups demanded budget to construct living quarters for the Geog Administrative Officers, increase the national wage rate, increase the budget for telephone and release the geog budget on time.

The gups spitted dissatisfaction for classifying their job: whether they are government employees or the elected leaders. By nature they are elected members, but not affiliated to any political groups.