Intl conference on glacial lakes

Published on Jan 16 2009 // Main News
Kathmandu, January 16: Bhutan will organize a two-day international conference on Glacial Lakes Outurst Floods on the Himalayas this month. 
Around 70 experts from across the world, including ten Indians, would attend the international conference organized for the first time in Bhutan from January 20. The experts will deliberate ideas in finding ways and means to minimize losses occurring due to outburst of the glacial lakes.
The two-day meet at Paro will discuss issued related to formation of a glacial lake and its hazards in the form of outburst floods and cloudbursts. Such phenomena are common in the Himalayan region – Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan and north-east India.
The conference is organized by UNDP’s Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery  and sponsored by the European Commission (EU). 
In recent years, there have been fears of glacial lake burst in Bhutan, an impact observed due to global warming. Bhutan News Service