Indian Socialist to back Bhutan’s democratic struggle

Published on Mar 24 2009 // Main News

New Delhi, March 24, 2009: An Indian leader said they support the two-decade long struggle by the Bhutanese people for establishment of democracy and human rights in Bhutan. 

Speaking at a political gathering in New Delhi on Monday for centenary celebration of socialists ideologue of the country Dr Ram Manohar Lohia, Prof. Anand Kumar on of behalf of Indian socialists promised that they will always support Bhutan’s democratic struggle.


Addressing the function, Druk National Congress chairman Rongthong Kuenley Dorji said “Bhutan is fully not a democratic country despite the adoption of constitution and the institution of constitutional monarchy last year. Monarch continues to enjoy enormous power,” adding, “The Bhutanese democratic struggle still continues and support from Indian socialists is needed.”

A prominent guests of the function included George Fernandes, (Former Defense Minister) Surendra Mohan, (Senior Socialist leader), Sharad Yadav (President JD-U), Rajendra Sachar, (Former Chief Justice, Delhi High Court), Dr Janeshwar Mishra (Samajwadi Party) and Dr. Sunil lam besides representatives from Nepal and Germany.