India separates 5.6b grant for Bhutan in its new budget

Published on Jul 07 2009 // Main News

New Delhi, July 7, 2009: The Royal government of Bhutan will receive a total of IRs 5.6 billions in grants in the new fiscal year 2009-10 from the government of India.

Union Finance Minister of India Pranab Mukherjee presenting his union budget for the fiscal year 2009-10 at the Lok Sabha Monday when it is mentioned that grants for Bhutan this year have been increased by IRs 60 million.

This is part of the IRs 100 billion that India committed for Bhutan during the first address of the Indian Prime Minister Dr Man Mohan Singh to the first elected parliament of Bhutan last year.

In 2008-9, Bhutan had received IR 5.54 billion grants and IRs 3 billion loan. Bhutan is at the top of the list among the countries to receive grants from India. Afghanistan and Nepal follow Bhutan in descending order.