India approves pay hike for Bhutanese security forces

Published on Mar 13 2010 // Main News

March 13, 2010: Last year, the government proposed huge salary hike for the civil employees, which drew both support and criticism from across the populace.

Shortly, the government also proposed the salary and other benefits for parliamentarians as well. The first decision was endorsed with few opposing while the second one came as a shock, received overwhelming support.

The latest news of the pay hike comes of the security forces. For all those past changes, the government did not thought of considering the pay hike for armed forces. The reality behind the play came to the public through Bhutan Observer.

According to the paper, personnel of the Royal Bhutan Police, Royal Bhutan Army and Royal Body Guards will receive a 45 percent pay hike with effect from April.

The proposal for the raise was put up to the government of India last year after the civil servants had been given a raise. The proposal came through in the beginning of this year, according to a source from RBA. The Bhutanese armed forces received a 15 percent pay hike in 2007.

The new item obviously shows that the government relies on Indian government for pay hike of the national security forces leading a speculation whether Bhutanese security forces are operated by India. It was historically clear that arms supply and training for Bhutanese security forces were controlled through Delhi. The latest news has further clarified that Bhutanese security forces have to remain loyal to India for their livelihood as well.