IBFS criticizes Bhutan

Published on Dec 19 2008 // Main News
Indian leaders have criticized Bhutan for absence of initiation for repatriation of over 100,000 exiled Bhutanese who have been taking asylum in Nepal since they were evicted in 1990. 
Former Union Minister of India and president of the Indo-Bhutan Friendship Society (IBFS) Satya Prakash Malaviya in a statement on Friday said society supports the timely repatriation of exiled Bhutanese in honor and dignity.
"IBFS is appalled that even after the institution of democratic government in Bhutan for last ten months; the reports emanating from Bhutan are disturbing," the statement reads, adding, "The fundamental human rights and democratic rights are not granted to people. The political persecution is still rampant and freedom of speech and expression are restricted."
The statement further reads, "Freedom of assembly and association is banned. Exile political parties and human rights organization are still banned. Independent judiciary is absent. Political prisoners are still incarcerated and the sentences meted out to political prisoner are utterly unbelievable." 
Society decided to write letter to Bhutanese Members of Parliament highlighting the issues and to visit Bhutan, meet political prisoners and seek to hold discussion with concerned Bhutanese authorities' towards finding just and peaceful resolution to various issues. Bhutan News Service