HUROB fears extradition of Zangpo to Bhutan (In Exile)

Published on Nov 15 2008 // Main News

Jhapa, November 15: Human Rights Organization of Bhutan (HUROB) has expressed fear that Tenzin G Zangpo arrested by Assam Police would be extradited to Bhutan where he is likely to face torture.

In a statement Saturday, HUROB said general secretary of Thinley Penjore led Druk National Congress (Democratic), Zangpo is under consideration for extradition with consensus between State government of Assam and Bhutan since Zangpo is a big political threat to Bhutan.

HUROB claimed Zangpo has no involvement in the recent Assam blasts. “The allegation is incredible as Tenzin has nothing to do with the people of Assam as every Bhutanese either in Bhutan or in exile maintain good relationship,” the statement reads.

Assam police arrested him on November 12 on suspicion that he has hand in the blasts that killed some 80 people.

“Whatever, may be the motive of Tenzin to be in Assam and about his arrest, he should be tried according to the law of Assam and the central government. India government should protect his life and punish if he is a culprit according to the law of the land and not hand over to the Bhutan government where he will be tortured and killed,” the statement reads further.

It adds, Tenzin’s life will be in danger if he is handed over to the Bhutan government.

However, if extradition is not avoidable, HUROB said it should be with the consent of the central Indian government and with due process if at all required. Bhutan News Service