Hunger strike in Chemgang jail

Published on Feb 28 2009 // Main News

Thimphu, February 28, 2009: N. L. Katwal has started indefinite hunger strike in Chemgang central jail in Thimphu from Friday putting forward a number of demands. 

hungerstrikeThe 69 years old Katwal from Gelephu was arrested nine years ago for supporting the pro-democracy movement launched by southern and eastern Bhutanese. 

Katwal has become second person to go for hunger strike in Bhutanese jail. Earlier, Tek Nath Rizal had launched such strike demanding fair treatment of all citizens. 

Katwal, who has been sentenced for 13 years jail term, has demanded release of all political prisoners unconditionally, repatriation of all the citizens evicted in 1990 and improvement of food quality and quantity served in Bhutanese jails.

His other demands are that though democracy has been established in Bhutan last year but fundamental human rights and democratic rights are not accorded to them those who fought for democracy and urged the international community including human rights organization to extend their help in realization of the freedom and democratic rights of Bhutanese citizens.

In a statement, Druk National Congress in New Delhi has requested the international community including India to take up the demands of Katwal with ‘democratic’ government of Bhutan.