‘HOME’ exhibition concludes

Published on Apr 25 2009 // Main News
By Tri Bikram Adhikari

Khudunabari, April 25, 2009: A four day photo exhibition named “HOME” based on resettled Bhutanese in the United States of America (USA) has concluded on April 24.

Almost 35 photos of two Bhutanese families resettled in New York City taken by New York based photographer and journalist Kashis Das Shrestha were displayed in the exhibition in seven camps. After the exhibition, exiled Bhutanese camp commented to bring more photos of resettled Bhutanese of individual camps next time.

Shrestha talking to APFAnews said that he would do further work on documentary and collecting the photos of resettled Bhutanese in the areas where resettlement programs being operated.

The exhibition started from April 20 was managed by photo.circle of Nepal and was organized by UNHCR.