Gups to be chief authority at geog level

Published on Jun 03 2009 // Main News

Thimphu, June 03, 2009: The government proposes that elected representative at the block level as the head of the geog which will end the dispute on whether gup or administrative officer is to be chief authority. 

The Local Government Bill approved by the council of ministers recently empowering gups to be chief authority at the geog level will be tabled at the upcoming parliament session for endorsement. 

As per the bill, gup is the head of the geog and a GAO is accountable to him. GAOs will have most of the functions but it’s to be executed under the supervision of the gup and the GAOs will have to do other works delegated by gups.

But gups need to get approval from GAO for use of funds – either for development activities or make payments.

GAO, chief of the government officers at the geog level, will also coordinate the functioning of civil servants and carry out the decisions of the DT and GT, maintain records of land, livestock, population, births, deaths and compile reports and verify applications for timber and fuel-wood.

Gups will be chairperson of the GT to convene regular sessions, and mediate and conciliate civil disputes, maintain law and order at the local level, under supervision of dzongdag.