Govt says, it will complete its 5-year tenure

Published on Mar 16 2011 // Main News

The government on Tuesday ruled out the immediate possibility of dissolving.

Addressing a press gathering in the capital yesterday, Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley asked people to remain assured that his government would not leave in the middle.

PM Thinely speaks to reporters in Thimphu on Tuesday

PM Thinley, who criticized courts that ruled against the government move on taxation last month, said he government should be held accountable for “so much concern and anxiety among people over the possibility of the government resigning and dissolving”.

“I wish to express our regret for having caused so much concern and anxiety among our people over the possibility of our government resigning and dissolving,” the Kuensel quoted the PM as saying.

The nation’s two highest courts, he said, found the government not only having violated, but in the words of the Supreme Court, having sabotaged the Constitution.

PM Thinley expressed his commitment towards the security of the people and good governance in the country, saying if the government quits people will suffer a lot.

However, the PM mentioned that once a decision was taken to resign from the government, but the decision was changed later.