GNH taken to climate summit in Copenhagen

Published on Dec 14 2009 // Main News

December 14, 2009: The craziness among Bhutanese rulers sounds going beyond normal state in relating things with Gross National Happiness, claimed to be coined by fourth king Jigme Singye.

Encouraged by the WB official’s offer to adopt GNH as development index, the Bhutanese rulers began talking about using the philosophy in all issues they come acrocop15_logo_b_m1ss.

Till December 4, incorporating GNH into human rights had given rise to heated debates. And now, the Bhutanese delegates in Europe are telling the world leaders that GNH helps mitigate climate change threats.

On the sidelines of the UN world conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Bhutanese delegation talked about the concept of GNH and its relation with climate change adaptation. There were 100 eager listeners, including 17 Bhutanese, for them out of 15,000 delegates attending the summit.

Briefing that GNH is the guiding principle for Bhutanese socio-economic development, Deputy Minister of the National Environment Commission Nado Rinchhen said, “GNH is a solution to climate change as it cautions against excessive materialism.”

Responding to question by Kiven of University of Zurich on how will the concept of happiness help mitigate climate issues, Rinchen reportedly said, “One of four pillars of GNH is the conservation of environment and, therefore, the pillar will safeguard forest, which has potential to absorb carbon emission.”