Girl lured and raped (Crime)

Published on Nov 11 2008 // Main News
Beldangi-I, November 12: Nepal Police at Damak caught Gitrandra Samal, aka Dhiraj, 21, of Beldangi-I, sector F-3/259, who raped 18-years-old Sarmila Tamang (name changed) of the same camp on November 2.

Samal took the girl in Damak for luring her for shopping the materials with his sister champa Samal. 

Having some snacks at a hotel, Champa left the room leaving behind Sarmila and Dhiraj. Sarmila was forced to spend a night together.

"He requested me to offer myself, which I denied", lamented the victim adding, "I was helpless when he trapped me for a whole night, submitting everything to quench his thirst for sex".

The camp secretary also admitted that there has been rise in such cases in camps, mostly involving teenagers and school drop-outs.

"Such cases are there and most of the victims are small children", told the camp secretary TB Gurung.

The gender focal point of the camp, Ran Maya chamligai told Bhutan News Service that even the Police Station at Damak denied registering the case initially.

"When I went to file the case with a lawyer from Nepal Bar Association, I was mistreated by the Inspector Govinda Raj Kafle", she told. Bhutan News Service/Arjun Pradhan