Gazmere's entry illegal, Rizal meeting Nepali Home Minister

Published on Aug 02 2009 // Main News

Kathmandu, August 2: The Director of Department of Immigration Nepal, Ram Saran Chimoriya, said the entry of Ratan Gazmere     and wife, Gauri Giri to Nepal was illegal.

No any nationals except Nepali citizens have legal entry to Nepal with Travel Document (TD), he said.
“Such nationals carrying TD instead of passport have to obtain entry visa to Nepal from respective embassy or consulate in their countries.”

They are denied on-arrival visa at the Tribhuwan International Airport according to Immigration Act 2065, provision 8.9, which prohibits issuance of entry visa to nationals or refugees with just TD.

Meanwhile, Tek Nath Rizal is scheduled to meet Bhim Rawal, Minister for Home Affairs tomorrow at 11:00 am to press the authorities for his entry to Nepal. 

“I will try to urge him to assist in issuing entry visa to Gazmere”, said Rizal.

As per the immigration officials, only cabinet decision can allow entry visa to them or the prime minister can solely decide on this.

Raju Thapa, chief of Human Rights Without Frontiers, commented that every national visiting Nepal must respect Nepali laws.

“If they come through legal process, we are ready to exert pressure on our authorities in case they are denied the visas”, said he adding, “If Nepal grants them special permit, there would be problems with other refugees later on.”

Another immigration official, who requested not to mention his name, told it was the negligence of the airlines to carry such persons. According to this official, the department will formally ask the airlines to return them to Australia.

If nothing happens, it is likely that Gazmere and Giri will fly back to Australia on Wednesday, he added.