Fresh arrival from Bhutan for resettlement (Resettlement)

Published on Nov 18 2008 // Main News

Jhapa, November 18: As the resettlement process progresses, fresh batches of Bhutanese begin to appear at the local authorities in Jhapa trying to get the tag of refugees in hope that they would get a chance for resettlement in western countries.

And they are not the Nepali speaking people and those Dzongkha-speaking dissidents who left country in 1990 or 97. They are Dzongkha speakers still having land and properties in Bhutan.

According to an official at the Refugee Coordination Unit (RCU) in Jhapa, new families of Dzongkha speakers (Bhote – the person termed) have started approaching the office to help them register as refugees.

These new arrivals mention their address in southern Bhutan where residents from northern districts were resettled in later 1990s in the vacant places created after mass eviction in 1990. Bhutan News Service