Fire in Beldangi-I, camp secy appeals for support

Published on Jan 21 2010 // Main News

By Vidhyapati Mishra with inputs from Arjun Pradhan

Beldangi-I, Jan 21: Immediate relief package to fire victims is coming from various sectors from this morning.

World Food Programme has supplied 300 kilogram of bitten rice and instant noodles to the displaced fire victims.

TB Gurung in the spot

TB Gurung in the spot

Similarly, teachers from Tri-Ratna Secondary School, Beldangi-II contributed 1081 rupees to fire victims.

A fire relief committee comprising representatives from various sectors and headed by Camp Supervisor, Harka Gurung, has been set up to channelize the relief package.

Camp management committee has recorded of 27 huts turned into ashes while 35 have been vandalized to bring fire under control.

More than 600 people are displaced from these huts, and are taking shelter in various places including Green Vale Academy, the camp school.

“We appeal our friends and relatives to support the fire victims,” said TB Gurung, camp secretary, adding, “We have lost everything except our hopes.”

Uncontrolled fire that started from sector A-3, hut number 473 yesterday was brought under control after three hours of extensive efforts from Armed Police Force, camp residents and fire extinguishers.

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