Fight for management control

Published on Sep 19 2010 // Main News

September 19, 2010: The war for taking management control of the growing Bhutanese hydropower projects between Bhutan’s apex hydropower body and Indian power companies have started.

India sides claim that since they have 51 percent ownership in Chamkarchu (670 MW), Wangchu (600 MW), Kholongchu (486 MW) and Bunakha reservoir (180 MW), the management control must be in their hands.

On the other hand Bhutanese officials said say these project needs to be under Bhutanese management, at least during construction period to ensure that during the seven to eight year construction there are no cost overruns, quality is maintained, and that Bhutanese are employed.

Both the sides are busy preparing their own version of agreements, one of which have to be approved by both the governments.

Bhutan has expressed concern over whether the people employed in construction will be honest with credible background accountable to Bhutan instead of just letting Indian PSUs run the show.