Exiled leaders urge Prachanda for repatriation

Published on Jan 02 2009 // Main News
Damak, January 2: Submitting a memorandum to the Nepalese Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal Prachada here today, a senior Bhutanese leader Dr. Bhampa Rai has asked the government of Nepal (GoN)  to work out for repatriation of the Bhutanese citizens in exile.

The memorandum demanded that the GoN to explore all possible means to pressurize the Bhutanese regime to take its citizens back or internationalize the long-standing imbroglio.

The paper also has asked the UN Refugee Agency not to impose compulsory measures on exiled citizens for relocation.

Prachanda , who reached here to inaugurate Damak Festivals 2008, did not talk of the issue during his inaugural speech. Bhutan News Service/Arjun Pradhan