Druk air’s emergency landing in Kolkata

Published on Feb 07 2009 // Main News
Kolkata, February 07: A Druk Air flight carrying 90 passengers had a emergency landing at Kolkata on Friday morning following outer layer of its windshield cracked mid-air.
The Airbus 319 was flying from Bangkok to Paro via Gaya. Crew team were not sure about the cause of windshield crack but suspected to be due to sudden difference in air pressure.
The airline has cracks, six-seven inch long spreading in various directions. They appeared on outer layer and there were no chances of the windshield getting shattered. 
Ambulances and fire tenders were kept ready on the edge of the runway when the flight landed at 8.24 am.
The stranded passengers were flown to Paro at 12:30 by new flight which came carrying four engineers. The flight is expected to return Paro after replacing damaged windshield today. Bhutan News Service