DPT government shares its dreams (POlitics)

Published on Jan 16 2009 // Main News
Thimphu, January 16: The DPT-led government has unveiled its long-expected dreams for a prosperous and beautiful Bhutan on January 10 at a function organized in the capital. 
In the presence of some 300 senior bureaucrats and the Bhutanese media, the agendas read out by Prime Minister Jigmi Thiney seemed to be a distant dream to achieve. But he also had some specific programs for next five years.
PM said the government plans to connect even the remote villages with internet and distribute laptops. The poetic statement by PM said Bhutan will be a regional service hub, a data centre, a destination for quality health service as well as world-class schools and universities, an attractive spot for leisure, promising spiritual and physical well being treatments, a training ground for ICT, tourism, teachers, bankers and accountants.
He further spelled government’s plan for sustainable growth, eliminating poverty and reducing the gap between rich and poor. According to DPT leader, every Bhutanese gewog will be connected with roads, every family will have safe drinking water and electricity, telephones for every village, three doctors in every district hospital, with two running ambulances each, manure for farmers, full employment for youth, and schools in all villages.
Government aims to achieve nine percent growth rate and increase the hydropower from 5,000 to 10,000 MW. 
All the highways will be widened, three airstrips constructed, and the south linked to India with a broad gauge railway link. Bhutan News Service