Diplomatic lobby campaign

Published on Jul 03 2006 // Main News

Kathmandu, July 2: Exiled Bhutanese would now begin a massive drive to draw the attention of the diplomatic mission in Kathmandu to help them go home.

The programme has been designed as the UN and other international agencies including Nepal government did not give concern about the relay strike they have been launching in front of the UN hose since a month.

According to the exiled leaders the drive intended to put pressure on Nepal and Bhutan government through international community to take appropriate and immediate decision regarding the decade-long refugee issue.

Side by side, the gherao programme as part of their relentless attempts for early repatriation to their homeland, dozens of Bhutanese continued at the SAARC Secretariat at Tridevimarg, Kathmandu.
The protesting Bhutanese demanded that the SAARC Secretariat play a role in respectful their repatriation.

15 rounds of ministerial level bilateral talks aimed at finding a solution to the refugee stalemate have ended in deadlock. Bhutan News Service