Diaspora observes Bhanu Jayanti online

Published on Jul 15 2009 // Main News

Exiled Bhutanese resettled in Norway have observed Bhanu Jayanti today amidst a special function.

Portrait of Bhanu Bhakta. Photo/Ram Baniya

Portrait of Bhanu Bhakta. Photo/Ram Baniya

According to our correspondent Ramesh Gautam, more than 150 exiled Bhutanese observed the day.

The program, which was conducted from a stage in Alta, one of the Kommunes (municipality) in the far North, was aired live through Skype in online to all most all the places where the Bhutanese are resettled.

BNS correspondent in Norway says many youths have participated in poem recitation and singing program via Skype from different parts of the country.

Bhutanese children including youths and adults performed typical Nepali dance on the stage in Alta, though visuals were not displayed online, the program was distinctly heard in various parts of Norway including here in New York in USA.

Bhutanese women also performed sangini dance during the program.

BNS correspondent in Kathmandu and Australia Vidhyapati and Ichha Poudel respectively also participated in the program via Skype. 

Women performing sangini dance. Photo/Ram Baniya

Women performing sangini dance. Photo/Ram Baniya

Our correspondent in Norway, who participated in the program also via Skype from South Western part of the country, says Nepali cultural food prepared by different families in their respective houses was served to all who were present physically in the program at the stage in Alta.

This is the first time such a large number of exiled Bhutanese have organized a program where most of the participants were through online. 
BNS has recorded the entire program and that it will be aired from Saranarthi Sarokari at Kathmandu-based Nepal FM on coming Saturday at around 8.30 local time.

TP Mishra from New York