Dashain celebrated in camps (Entertainment)

Published on Oct 14 2008 // Main News

Beldangi, October 14: Exiled Bhutanese celebrated Dashain in all seven camps marking it as ‘the last celebration while inside camps’ in their own words.

The celebration in all camps was reported to have been carried on in a peaceful way in comparison to that of last year. No any violent activities were noticed inside camps, said APF source at the Beldangi-II camp.

Relatives of exiled Bhutanese who came from Bhutan were noticed rushing inside camps to celebrate the festivals. Sudin Khanal (name changed) who came to Beldangi-II camp from Beldangi-II to celebrate the festival with his relatives while talking to the BNS said that he was happy to re-join with his family in the camps, though for a short period of time. “My relatives are leaving for third country under the resettlement process so I am not sure of whether I would be able to meet with them the next time”, said Khanal. Bhutan News Service/Thakur P Mishra