Court bars Swiss government to deport Tandin

Published on May 26 2009 // Main News

Munich, may 26, 2009: A court in Switzerland has issued a verdict in the name Swiss government not to extradite Tandin Wangdi to German government on May 22. The stay order is for one-month period.

Had he been extradited to Germany, it was feared that Tandin would have been sent back to Bhutan by the German government.

Son of Tshring Penjor, a member of Druk National Congress taking asylum in Germany since 2002, Tandin had escaped to Switzerland from Hannover Germany on October 7, 2008 seeking asylum when Germany had decided to deport him to Bhutan.

Tandin was kept in a detention center in Switzerland since November 2009. The court in Switzerland had earlier given its verdict on May 11 to send him back to Germany. Later the verdict was reverted.
The Swiss government had planned to hand him over to the German authority at German border by the Swiss police on the May 22 morning.
”I am highly worried about the safety of my son. Every Bhutanese can imagine of the consequences that he would face if he is deported to Bhutan. ‘I call upon the International community to help him save his life. He even risked running away to another country to escape deportation if he is returned,” says his father Tshering Penjore.