Corporations blame government for loosing experienced employees

Published on Apr 03 2009 // Main News

Thimphu, April 03, 2009: Following the announcement by government for voluntary retirement for old bureaucrats, tussles have begun to surface between the government and the bureaucracy. 

The corporations say they have lost most efficient and trained employees while incompetent and unskilled continue to defy the government scheme. The competent employees are leaving job for better facilities in private sectors. 

The government announcement to pay 15 percent more government employees in other agency did not attract the experienced workers to work with corporations. 

The management of Bhutan Development Finance Corporation, Food Corporation of Bhutan and Bhutan Broadcasting Service said they cannot get competent people because of the long working hours and comparatively low salary. Jobs in other government agencies are preferred because of job security, prestige, social position, and opportunities besides several perks and privileges.