Coronation celebrations crossed budget limit (Nation)

Published on Dec 07 2008 // Main News
Thimphu, December 08: The king said and the Prime Minister repeated dozen times that the centenary and coronation celebrations of the fifth king would remain simple and less luxurious. However, results have come different. 
A total of Nu 19 million was allocated for the celebrations, that still continue, monitored by Citizen’s Initiative for Centenary and Coronation Celebrations (CICCC) led by government chief. 
Before the celebrations concluded, the funfair has already consumed over Nu 24 million and demands for more funding is on for more functions. 
Nu 17 million alone went up for building the infrastructure at centenary ground in Chamlimithang and the committee sponsored six musical concerts by now.
Government spent Nu 1.6 million for Thai bands and Nu 2.4 million for the Unity in Diversity show. Crunched by fund, CICCC took loan of Nu 4 for the programs. The organizers targeted collected some fund from Bangladesh trade fair but 61 out of 76 Bengali exhibitors withdraw three days before the fair seeking no possibility of selling their stock at the mess of funfair.  
Despite budget deficit, the organizers say they would keep up to their words to deliver all programs set earlier, adding more burden to national treasury. Some even approached the CICCC that celebrations be extended until the end of the year.
CICCC is now looking after funds, including international donors. Interestingly, Bhutan which bans any foreign support for political parties is now seeking international donors for celebrating king’s coronation. Bhutan News Service