Concern over deportation continues

Published on Jun 01 2009 // Main News

Munich, June 1: The Bhutanese asylees in Germany have expressed their serious concern over the probable deportation of Tandin Wangdi to Bhutan.

Durga Giri, general secretary of Bhutan Peoples’ Party said in a statement released today – expressing our gratitude on the Federal Republic of Germany for granting asylum to many homeless Bhutanese, I humbly appeal the authorities to make a review on the asylum appeal of Tandin Wangdi and fear severe inhuman torture from deportation to Bhutan.

Giri said there have been growing queries from Bhutanese refugees in Nederland and Australia to take up campaign to appraise the German authority on the seriousness of the issue.

“We, the Bhutanese in Germany, would like to thank for the quick dissemination of news from Bhutan News Service by its Munich-based correspondent and Druk National Congress sources in New Delhi”, said the release.

According to Giri, the release was issued for making some urgent clarifications on the verification of the news coverage and general concerns for Tandin’s safety.

Tandin Wangdi entered Switzerland illegally on July 6, 2008 after Germany decided to deport him and appeared before the authority on October 7 for asylum appeal.

The Swiss authority made a negative decision on his appeal with the reason that he is entitled to receive protection only from the country where he first landed (Germany).

He was then kept in the police custody from November 24, 2008 in Switzerland.

His lawyer Gian Andrea Danuser in Switzerland made the appeal in the court for his asylum grant. The court passed the verdict to deport Tandin to Germany on the May 11, 2009.

Preparations were made to deport him back to Germany on May 22 last month but the date was postponed and was handed over to authority in the German border on the May 26.

Tandin father Tshring Penjore confirmed that he received the last telephone call from Tandin on May 28. Tandin told his father that he was kept in the police barrack on the 26th night in the border city of Konstanz and was brought to a Regional Detention center in Schloss strasse 01,72074 Rottenburg the next day.

“I have not heard anything since then”, said Penjore, a founding member of Druk National Congress, who received asylum in 2002.

According to Penjore, his son Tandin entered Germany from Bhutan in August 2003. Listen to plea made by Tandin’s father

Tandin’s legal advisor Dr. Albrecht Goring is of the opinion that he must receive asylum in Germany as his father is a asylee since 2002.

Dr. Goring has appealed the German authority to make Deoxy Ribonucleic Acid (DNA) test to confirm their relationship and grant political asylum to stateless Tandin.

In this hour of difficulty we the Bhutanese refugees in Germany call upon the national and international Rights bodies to intervene and appraise the German government of the threat of Tandins life, said the statement.

“Tandin even took a risk to enter another country seeking asylum to escape deportation to Bhutan which explains the gravity of threat on his life in Bhutan as a political activist.”