Climatic conditions affect resettlement process (Resettlement)

Published on Jan 23 2009 // Main News
Damak, January 24: More than five dozens exiled Bhutanese have been living without huts in Beldangi I and Sanischare camps as their huts were dismantled on Thursday. 
On Thursday, they were escorted to Bhadrapur airport for boarding but failed as flights did not arrive due to poor climatic conditions. Of the four flights booked, only two landed that day, on which none of the exiled Bhutanese were sent to Kathmandu. They are now taken back to their camps where they found their huts already dismantled. 
As per UNHCR policy, the huts of exiled Bhutanese who leave for resettlement are dismantled to avoid any unwanted activities. 
57 exiled Bhutanese from Beldangi I camp and five from Sanischare are taking shelter in their relatives. The resettlement agency, International Organization of Migration (IOM) has not given any new dates for their departure. Bhutan News Service/Arjun Pradhan