Children Forum elects central coordinator (In Exile)

Published on Dec 09 2008 // Main News
Damak, December 09: The Exiled Bhutanese children have elected Sunita Gurung from Timai camp as their chief coordinator of the seven camps.
Teknath Sanyasi of Beldangi II has been elected as assistant coordinator and Om Nath Adhikari of Beldangi II Extension as the secretary of the Children Form instituted in 1997 in the initiative of Save the Children (UK). 
Manmaya Magar of Timai has been elected as assistant secretary and Kaushila Wagle of Sanischare as treasurer. The new team will work for the next two years.
Around 153 childrenm below 16 years, who gathered in Beldangi I, including camp coordinators and other representatives, voted to elect their leaders. Bhutan News Service