Child-rapist in police net, victim urges UNHCR support

Published on May 26 2009 // Main News

Beldangi-II, May 26: Armed Police Force (APF) in the camp has arrested one exiled Bhutanese youth in connection to child-rape.

According to the APF inspector Mahesh Raj Bista, they arrested Indra Bahadur Thapa, 19, of Beldangi-II, who admitted that he raped the child two years back when she was just five.

The story was revealed following the deteriorating health condition of the victim, when she complained of acute pain in her genital.

Talking to the BNS, the victim said the culprit had promised to give her money.

According to the victim, Thapa raped her quite frequently for the last two years.

Nabin Karki, police inspector in Damak-based police post where Thapa is now being detained, said they are preparing to file a case against Thapa, who admitted the rape in his first statement to the authority.

The Field Assistant of the UNHCR, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, investigated the case yesterday, followed by medical examinations of AMDA-Nepal in the camp.

The child, who is the closest neighbor of Thapa, is referred to Bhadrapur-based government-owned hospital today for further check-up.

The preliminary health check-ups inside the camp-based basic health unit showed that the condition of the victim is vulnerable.

Meanwhile, the relative of the victims have urged the support of the UNHCR, among other concerned authorities in punishing the culprit.

“We make sincere appeal to the UNHCR, concerned authorities and other aid-agencies to provide protection and good medication to the victim”, said the victim’s uncle, who is an exiled journalist.