BNDP marks its 17th anniversary (In Exile)

Published on Feb 08 2009 // Main News

Kathmandu: Bhutan National Democratic Party (BNDP) marked its 17th anniversary yesterday said a press statement released by the party.

"We call upon the fellow Bhutanese to come together under the banner of non-resident Bhutanese and continue to support the struggle for establishment of inclusive democracy," said Dr. DNS Dhakal, the executive chief and vice-president of the party.

BNDP has claimed that it has been lobbying for amicable solution of the exiled issue since its establishment in 1992.

"Third country resettlement program is not a solution to the refugee problem, it is a temporary relief to the Bhutanese citizens passing their hard days in camps," said the statement adding, "Dignified repatriation is what every Bhutan wants."

Mohan Tamang, the lead of the party's youth wing, informed Bhutan News Service that BNDP is currently working to set up non-resident Bhutanese Diaspora. Bhutan News Service