Bhutanese issue discussed in Mexico (Diaspora)

Published on Jan 28 2009 // Main News
New York, January 26: Rajen Giri, the president of Youth Organization of Bhutan (YOB) raised the issue of the exiled Bhutanese when he attended the World Youth Council of International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) in Zacatecas, Mexico this week.

A release issued by the press and publicity depart of YOB yesterday stated that Giri urged youth leaders to implement the resolution adapted during the IUSY Asia-Pacific committee meeting held in Manila last September.

“He advocated the cause of the refugees, how it is overshadowed by the highly orchestrated international campaign of the Bhutanese government, therefore the need to find out the truth of the origin and destiny of Lhotsampas in Bhutan, how they became the citizens of Bhutan, and why the government branded them as “illegal immigrants, anti-nationals” and evicted accordingly,” said YOB in its statement.

Giri also distributed some information materials and requested the participants to follow through their country representatives to the heads of the respective countries to look at the Bhutanese issue.

I tried my best to seek the support for repatriation of those who are unable to resettle and safeguard the basic rights of the Bhutanese Diaspora, Giri told Bhutan News Service in a telephonic conversation. Bhutan News Service