Bhutanese Hindus observe Dasai

Published on Oct 17 2010 // Main News

October 18, 2010: One of the major festivals of Hindus, Vijaya Dashami, was celebrated with festivities by Hindus Bhutanese all around the world.

News from Bhutan states that Durga Puja was being observed in a Hindu temple in Thimphu, coordinated by Hindu Dharma Samudaya of Bhutan. Bhutan has opened up for Hindu festivities since last few years.

The Bhutanese Diaspora also observed the Mahanawami and Vijaya Dashami. Durga Puja was observed in Sydney, Damber Dhungel said. Priests Tek Nath Nepal, Yadap Kafley, Om Kafley, Kulchandra Timisina and Bhola Nath Dhungyel led the ritual ceremony.

Dasai Celebration in Adelaide Photo:BNS

In Adelaide, the Bhutanese Association in South Australia organized community gathering where senior members of the community gave tika and blessings to the younger ones. Singing and dancing was part of the function.

Bhutanese in Hobart, Tasmania and Albury (New South Wales) and Woodonga (Victoria) organized a cultural function on Saturday to celebrate the festival. Additionally Bhutanese in Albury and Woodonga are joining hands with those in Melbourne for a grand function scheduled for October 23.

According to Chandra Baskota, Bhutanese in Illinios also performed durga puja and homadi for a day. Nepalese and Bhutanese came together for the function.

Dhaka Ram Timsina in Michigan said, Bhutanese community performed durga puja for three days. Six priests recited chandi for three days. On the concluding day, elders put tika and gave blessings to younger ones.

Various functions were also organized in Minnesota, Georgia, Ohio, New Hamshire and other states to celebrate the festival. Bhutanese in Boise, Idaho observed Durga Puja in one of the apartment complex play ground.

B. M. Dhakal from Kentucky reported that Bhutanese families in Louisville city gathered in Village Manor Apartment complex where three days’ Durga Pooja was observed which was organized by Bhutanese Society of Kentucky followed by bhajan and kirtan at the end of each day. Similarly, in Lexington City, Dashain was marked by getting blessings from parents and putting Tika in individual apartment complex.

According to Yasoda Khanal, a community get together was organized at First Congregational Church in West Springfield, Massachusetts, on Saturday under the banner of Bhutanese Society of Western Massachusetts, Inc to mark festival. Different Nepali folk dances, songs and funny creation were presented in the program attended by some250 people. Special guest and the President/CEO of Caring Health Center, HR Department, Springfield Ms Anne S. Awad expressed her happiness of being part of the program and assured to provide highest level of Health Care to all the Bhutanese families. She also expressed her willingness to help the Bhutanese Society of Western Massachusetts, Inc to create an environment of hiring Nepali interpreters in Public Schools and Hospitals.

Yadab Neopaney in Canada says, Bhutanese in Quebec province organized cultural function were school teachers, representatives of the settlement agencies and native Canadian were served with Nepali dishes and dances.

Bhutanese organized cultural programs in Ledth Bridge Alberta, Indra Timsina reported.

According to Madan Kumar Giri, PEI government offered three-day holidays for Bhutanese to observe the festival where the Bhutanese organized a parade while those in New Brunswick Bhutanese came together to receive tika from priest Chetnath Osti.

With increasing inflow of remittance to camps in Nepal, exiled Bhutan awaiting resettlement also celebrated festival with functions. Nearby markets were busier than ever before.

On the tenth day of the festival, people receive Tika from their parents and seniors at the most auspicious time, which was 10:43 am in Nepal.