Bhutan to set measuring rod for happiness

Published on Oct 24 2008 // Main News

New Delhi, October 25: Bhutanese ambassador to India Dago Tshering said Bhutan would come up with a new measuring index of Gross National Happiness that has been in the discussion for the last few years in that country.

Addressing a seminar in Lucknow, India Friday on role of Wangchuk dynasty in country’s transformation, Tshering said, “Our country is the pioneer of the gross national happiness index and study centers are working on establishing indices for it.”

Stating that the planning commission o the country has been renamed Gross National Happiness Commission, Tshring claimed with the ushering of ‘democracy’ guided by King Jigme Singye, Bhutan’s focus is on germinate happiness in people.

He added, Indian scholars are closely studying the developments.

“Bhutan is a classic example of how faith between the ruler and the ruled can improve a country,” Madhu Rajput, Reader at Western History Department of the Lucknow University said.

P. K. Srivastav, Head of Western History Department and Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University A. S. Brar also stressed on learning from Bhutanese example. Bhutan News Service