Bhutan not good for doing business

Published on Dec 07 2009 // Main News

doing business 2010December 07, 2009: Bhutan has performed bleak picture in the doing Ease of Business Report 2010 produced by the World Bank group. This is drop by two places compared to Doing Business 2009.

Bhutan is ranked 126 in the survey of 183 countries to study the environment of ding business. Singapore tops the list while Central African Republic is at the bottom.

Even among the SAARC member countries, Bhutan shows not a good picture. Bhutan is ranked sixth among eight countries, only better than India and Afghanistan. Pakistan tops the list in SAARC while Afghanistan is at the bottom. Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal are in consecutive order of ranks after Pakistan.

During the study period for the report, June 2008 to May 2009, no major reforms have taken place in the country.

The ranking for Bhutan at international and regional level at specific issues is given below:
Ease of Doing Business Rank                126
Starting a Business                                   80
Dealing with Construction Permits     127
Employing Workers                                   12
Registering Property                                 42
Getting Credit                                                177
Protecting Investors                                  132
Paying Taxes                                                  90
Trading Across Borders                             153
Enforcing Contracts                                     33
Closing a Business                                          183

Ease of Doing Business Rank                       6
Starting a Business                                           5
Dealing with Construction Permits           4
Employing Workers                                         1
Registering Property                                      2
Getting Credit                                                     8
Protecting Investors                                       7
Paying Taxes                                                       4
Trading Across Borders                                 6
Enforcing Contracts                                         1
Closing a Business                                             7

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