Bhutan invites Christian teachers

Published on Apr 02 2009 // Main News

Kathmandu, April 02, 2009: Bhutan, which restricted preaching religions other than Hinduism and Buddhism and punished many Christians in the past, has now sought support from a Christian group to enhance educational standards.

GYI80397550__PB043BHUTANYOUTH.JPGAccording to a Christian news group MNonline.org, country’s Education Minister has asked the mission of Bibles of the World to provide at least 500 teachers to teach English, Mathematics and Science. 

Though constitution guarantees right to religion, Christians still feel some pressure because of their faith and choose to worship in secret. The number of Christians in the country remains under one percent, and evangelism is forbidden.

While Bibles for the World founders Ro and Mawii Pudaite visited Bhutan with a few others, they were able to meet with several officials including Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley, King Jigme Khesar in February end when king was celebrating his birthday. 

“The Education Minister asked if we could provide at least 500 teachers for Bhutan, specifically to teach English, mathematics and science,” said Mawii Pudaite. “We would like to send as many as we can–well-seasoned men and women who will live out their faith.”

Bhutan in last few years has been facing acute shortage of teachers.