Bhutan-Bangladesh to sign trade treaty (Economy)

Published on Oct 11 2008 // Main News

New Delhi, October 11: Bhutan and Bangladesh will sign a Trade Agreement (TA) next month with an effort to boosting trade between the two countries reports say.

Bhutan has recently sent a letter of interest to Bangladesh authorities to ink the deal in November when Minister for Economic Affairs Khandu Wangchuk visits Bangladesh. Wangchuk will attend the business conference of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI).

The two countries small have volume of bilateral trades. Bangladesh have been the increasing market for Bhutan products. During the July 2007-March 2008 period Bhutan exported goods worth US$ 10.80 million to Bangladesh while it imports remain at US$ 0.78 million.

Bhutan exports include vegetable and mineral products, chemicals, prepared foodstuffs, beverages, fruits, vinegar, tobacco, timber, wooden products and textile items and its imports from Bangladesh are woven garment, computer accessories, dry food and frozen fish besides pharmaceutical products.

A Commerce Secretary level trade talks was held between Bangladesh and Bhutan in Thimphu from August 12-15 to discussed Free Trade Agreement. Bhutan News Service