Ban on sale of tobacco lifted

Published on Jul 11 2009 // Main News

The National Council decided by a majority vote to lift the ban on the sale of tobacco and tobacco products.

Following the decision, the section C in chapter three of the bill Tobacco control bill, which says, “No person shall sell tobacco and tobacco products” shall be removed.

Council members said that the ban on the sale was ineffective and led to a black market. Some said tobacco was easily available anywhere, but at exorbitant prices because of the ineffective ban.

Meanwhile, the council also suggested inserting another clause restricting the sale of tobacco products to youth below 18 years. However, Namgay Penjore said the bill was still under discussion and not endorsed. The bill will be submitted to the National Assembly.

The sale of tobacco and tobacco products was banned in the country on December 17, 2004, following a resolution of the 87th session of the National Assembly.