APF nabs one for threatening

Published on Dec 23 2008 // Main News

Beldangi-I, December 23 : The Armed Police Force (AFP) deployed at camp arrested Ashish Chhetri of Sanischare camp yesterday on charge of bullying and physically threatening Tika Ram Dorjee of Beldangi-I camp.

"They were four but three of them managed to escape", told a AFP personnel.

According to the source those who fled the scene included two from Beldangi-I and one from Beldangi-II, whose details are not disclosed for further investigation.

AFP caught Chhetri red-hand while he was asking two-hundred-thousand cash ransom from Dorjee showing a home-made pistol in late evening.

The gang of four also used a sharp knife which left a severe mark in the left arm of Darjee. Bhutan News Service/Arjun Pradhan