Aftermath of the Beldangi fire

Published on Mar 20 2009 // Main News

Kathmandu, March 20, 2009: Police authority in Damak has decided to file a case against one person who was arrested on suspicion of having links for recent fire in Beldangi-II camp.f1

Kamal Thapa, Inspector at the police post, said they are getting ready to file case at the district court in Jhapa against Birkha Bahadur Thapa of Sector E/1-86 in Beldangi-II camp from where the fire had begun.

Inspector Thapa claimed police has received green signals of Birkha’s involvement in the ablaze but did not elaborate to substantiate his claims.

Though neighbors claim Birkha to be mentally ill, police pushes the case forward and plans to make a health check up to identify if he is mentally ill. Birkha has currently been detained in Police custody in Damak.

Fire on March 11 in Sector ‘E’ of Bendangi-II camp had destroyed 98 huts including Panchaoti School and at least 135 huts in E/1, E/2, E/3, D/3 and D/4 were voluntarily demolished to prevent fire from spreading.

The displaced exiled Bhutanese taking shelter in school buildings and Bhutanese Refugee Women Forum office premises have so far received only basic needs.

A 60-member relief committee led by camp secretary Narad Muni Sanyashi, has been active in seeking donations and other supports. Representatives of the relief aid agencies including the UNHCR have reached the site to inspect the vulnerable situation. UNHCR office in Nepal said a taskforce has been set up to assess the damage and coordinate assistance. It said the inferno has left some 1,450 refugees homeless.

The inferno has affected the 241 students of Grade VIII who were writing their district level board examination. However, they managed to write their exams at Tri-Ratna Secondary School.

Association of Medical Doctors Association (AMDA) has set up a temporary health camp in the affected area to assist victims with medical treatment. Lutheran World Federation and World Food Program have distributed utensils, clothes and other necessary goods.