A strategy to tackle stray dogs

Published on Mar 30 2009 // Main News

Thimphu, March 30, 2009: For decades in the past, the government of Bhutan stayed a mute spectator to the stray dog problem in the name of not harming animals as prescribed by Buddhism philosophy. 

Concentration has been given only in the last few years when it became a torrent malady. On Thursday Humane Society International (HSI) and the Department of Livestock mulled over long-term plan to get rid of the dog population. Early this year, the Thimphu City Corporation had announced similar plan to depopulate dogs.  

The two agencies agreed there is need of a joint effort. The two-month dog sterilization program run by the agencies had neutered 461 male and 397 female dogs out of 1,200 dogs targeted in the capital. The city has over 7,000 stray dogs.

The livestock department says it plans to sterilize 70 percent of the stray dog population within the next four years. 

Dr Karma Rinzin from the National Center for Animal Health in Serbithang said the mass sterilization campaign in the past have not been effective due to budget constraint and lack of support from the public.