A resettled Bhutanese robbed at gun point

Published on Aug 09 2009 // Main News
By Kazi Gautam

One refugee girl was robbed by a group of three people yesterday at around 12 AM local time in Stone Mountain city in Georgia on August 7.

Anupama Koirala, a former refugee from Timai camp, sector B/2, Hut no 19, was returning from her job along with her friends and a brother when the incident took place in front of her own apartment. They were being followed by three black men as soon as they stepped in on Marta, the local bus that runs in the city.

After they got down at CVS pharmacy and headed towards Wyn View Apartments, where they live, the black men followed them further about 10 minutes before one of them pointed a gun at Shanti Ram Dhungel, a friend of Anupama. Then they snatched the purse from the girl and fled the scene before the police arrived.

This is one of the incidents of attacks on the resettled refugees in row. Lately the refugees have been living in intimidation; and it appears that those who work at night and who do not own car have been targeted more.