24 exiled Bhutanese reached Canada (Resettlement)

Published on Dec 09 2008 // Main News
Kathmandu, December 10: The first lot of Bhutanese relocating under third country resettlement program has reached Canada on December 8.

"24 Bhutanese refugees departed for Canada on December 6", quoted a highly placed source at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees here. 

Though no details were published, a Canadian daily paper wrote yesterday that a group of exiled Bhutanese from Nepal has reached Canada.

According to The National Post, the resettlement program is also part of a new approach by the federal government to sponsor large groups of refugees en masse. 

In support of the project, Citizenship and Immigration Canada this month put out a $1.3-million contract to conduct advance health screening of the Bhutanese coming to Canada and provide treatment for tuberculosis and other conditions if necessary before they relocate wrote the daily.

Canada has announced that it will be accepting some 5,000 Bhutanese for relocation in Canada. 

Prior to the start of resettlement program, a family from Beldangi-II was resettled at Charlottetown in Canada. Bhutan News Service