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'SAARC is making progress'

President Vishaka N. Desai, Trustees and Members of the Asia Society, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to thank Lisina Hoch, a close and longstanding friend of Bhutan, for her kind words in introducing me. It is an honour and pleasure for me to be here this evening with the distinguished members of […]

Published on Sep 21 2011 // Opinion

Open field irks early applicants

The authority’s decision to entertain all comers upsets some who’ve been waiting long in line Private TV Broadcasters 17 September, 2011 – The Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority’s decision to allow an open licensing system for private television broadcasting services has left some earlier applicants unhappy. One of the first applicants, the managing director of […]

Published on Sep 17 2011 // Media Monitor

Another paper violates media Act

Kuensel is asked again to stop printing the unlicensed paper Druk Gyelyong Sarsho 16 September, 2011 – Kuensel corporation limited received another letter yesterday from the Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority just as it was writing its response to the earlier letter the authority had sent. This time, the letter, which was a copy of […]

Published on Sep 16 2011 // Media Monitor

Bhutan improves freedom index

Bhutan is also ranked 18th out of 41 countries in the Asia-Pacific region Bhutan’s has been ranked 103rd out of 183 countries where government allows labor, capital and goods to move freely. According to the 2011 index of economic freedom released by the Heritage Foundation, Washington’s prominent think tank and Wall Street Journal, Bhutan secured […]

Published on Sep 15 2011 // Human Rights Monitor

Pulled up for publishing unlicenced paper

The authority has notified the corporation of its violation of the BICM Act Kuensel Corporation Ltd. 15 September, 2011 – The Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority has written a letter to Kuensel Corporation Limited yesterday for printing an unlicenced Dzongkha newspaper, Gyalchi Sarshog. It states, “BICMA would like to bring to your notice that you […]

Published on Sep 15 2011 // Media Monitor

No restrictions on number of applicants

… so long as they can part with Nu 30M for initial investment 15 September, 2011 – Starting today, the Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA) will accept applications for private television stations. With the expression of interest, a policy for licencing TV stations ready, BICMA has now “leveled the playing field” for any Bhutanese […]

Published on Sep 15 2011 // Media Monitor

Royal nuptial in October

Being one of the loyal citizens of Bhutan, having served my country for the last 26 years, and currently in the quest for a real democracy, I am rejoiced reading the news about the “Royal Wedding” published by “Kuensel” May 20, 2011 and the update published by the Katmandu Post Sept. 9, 2011 under the […]

Published on Sep 12 2011 // Commentary

Kuensel (newspaper) turns silver

As Kuensel celebrates its silver jubilee as a newspaper, it is also a perfect opportunity to reflect on the journey so far. From a 12-page weekly that was put together by one of the smallest newsrooms in the world, the paper has gone through a process of evolution in content, number of pages and the […]

Published on Sep 10 2011 // Media Monitor

Dashain for exiled Bhutanese

Sitting within the four walls of our bamboo sheds in the refugee camps in Jhapa and Morang districts of eastern Nepal, we could see the vast expanse of the Tarai region preparing itself to welcome the most celebrated Nepali Hindu festivals Dashain and Tihar. The lush green paddy fields swaying against the soothing autumn breeze […]

Published on Sep 07 2011 // Opinion

Keep Talking. This is democracy

I happened to be in Delhi through out the Anna Hazare saga. The usual summer heat was not too bad but what was really heating up the city was the protest against graft and corruption led by this unassuming man – Anna Hazare. Public protest is a part of democracy. It is how eventually a […]

Published on Sep 07 2011 // News Analysis