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Bhutansese celebrate Dasain in Australia

September 28, Adelaide: Exiled Bhutanese resettled at Adelaide in South Australia celebrated Vijaya Dasami, the most important day of the ten-day long Dasain here today. A small but not too congested community hall at the heart of Adelaide city was full of participants who were seen rushing to take blessing with Tika from the senior […]

Published on Sep 28 2009 // Main News

‘Business Bhutan’ hopes to ease Bhutan’s business

‘Business Bhutan’ hops to ease Bhutan’s business Doing business in Bhutan wasn’t good enough, owing to lack of laws, lack of political openness and environment for advertisements to reach the consumers. The country has changed its political spectrum, brought about new investment policies including foreign direct investment and now the country gets and exclusive news […]

Published on Sep 27 2009 // Media Monitor

Rough road ahead for Dzongkha

Rough road ahead for Dzongkha I. P. Adhikari Dzongkha, which came into existence in 1960s, is at the crossroad either to collapse or get strengthened. Repeated conferences, discussions and huge investments failed to attract youngsters into this national language. In over half a century, the national language of Bhutan has developed defiance than attraction among […]

Published on Sep 25 2009 // News Analysis

Security Gates in Beldangi

 Beldangi, Sept 22: Security gates have been established in Beldangi to check the entry of vehicles following increasing rate of security threats in camps. The entry gates are established at Beldangi I and II by Armed Police Force(APF) of government of Nepal in which all vehicles and bikes entering camps are checked thoroughly. They require […]

Published on Sep 22 2009 // Main News

Special prayers for earthquake deceased

The country is observing a special prayer in the national capital Thimphu mourning the death of fellow citizen by the strong earthquake that triggered Himalayan tectonic plate on Monday afternoon.

Published on Sep 22 2009 // Main News

Earthquake kills 10 in Bhutan

At least 10 citizens were killed by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Bhutan today around 3 p.m. Reuters reported that at least five lives were claimed in Mongar while other five were killed in landslides in remote places of eastern districts. The strong quake was centered in Mongar district, 104 miles east of Thimphu […]

Published on Sep 21 2009 // Main News

Two suspects of recent murder arrested

Damak-based Nepal Police arrested two suspects of Khadka’s murder today following a tip-off from Damber Bahadur Karki, the only eye-witness of the brutal killing that took place a week ago. Karki’s father informed BNS correspondent in camp that those suspects were travelling in the same bus, when Karki saw one of them, just beside his […]

Published on Sep 17 2009 // Main News

From Bhutan to e-Bhutan

The tiny Himalayan kingdom Bhutan, which is sandwiched between two Asian giants, India and China, was glad to get some computers connected with the internet facilities on June 2, 1999. With grant assistance from the United Nations Development Programme and International Development Research Center, the only Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Bhutan, Druknet started its […]

Published on Sep 14 2009 // Commentary

Three left camps following life threat

Druk Leopart Warning Letter An underground group Druk Leopard, which was never heard before, has scattered computerized posters this morning warning of physical attacks to eight Bhutanese. Those who are warned of stern physical attack if they fail to leave the camps included Thag Bahadur Thapa and Gopal Gurung of Bhutan People’s Party, D. R. […]

Published on Sep 14 2009 // Main News

'Who said there is security in camp ?'

Damber Karki, who was on his way home Beldangi along with KB Khadka, discribes the real scene of Khadka’s attack. He is the only living eye-witness. In the second half, Tek Nath Rizal speaks seriously on fragile security situation in camps.

Published on Sep 14 2009 // Podcast